Needlefelted dogs

I love to needlefelt dogs ! I use a wire armature for the back and legs to get stability, and then I wrap the wool around it and sculpt the dog. I put a lot of work into getting the head right, and especially the eyes are difficult. I want to catch the characteristics of every breed. I do custom order and would love to make a soft sculpture of your own dog. I work after photographs, the more the better ! Please click Order for more information.

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Flatcoated RetrieverFlatcoated RetrieverFlatcoated Retriever
BeagleWhippetBichon frisÚ
Bichon frisÚBichon frisÚWirehaired Foxterrier
Bichon frisÚParson Jack RussellBorder Collie mix
Irish SetterDalmatianYorkshireterrier
YorkshireterrierGolden retrieverGolden retriever
Bichon frisÚ and PoodlePoodleBorder collie
Springer SpanielSpringer SpanielsSpringer Spaniel
Rottweiler/German shepherd mixYorkshireterrierMixed breed
DachshundWest highland white terrierSiberian husky
Bichon frisÚYorkshireterrierPug
Troy - Mixed breedBorderterrierSaluki
Shiba InuWire-haired dachshundMiddle sized poodle
DachshundMixed breedWest highland white terrier
Labrador retrieverSilkyterrierKarelian beardog
BostonterrierWest Highland White TerrierPointer
Parson Jack RussellJack Russell/Parson Jack RussellJack Russell
Grand danoisLabrador retrieverBeagle/Drever mix
Tolling RetrieverGreyhoundParson Jack Russell Terrier
Siberian huskyAlaskan MalamuteJack Russell Terrier
PuliDanish/swedish farm dogGerman sheepdog
Danish/swedish farm dogSalukiGroupphoto dogs
Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierLhasa ApsoHamiltonstovare
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